I wish I knew what I was getting into

I’ve seen couples vow, some of our clients have had their first, second, and third anniversaries already since we first founded Butterfly. For me, I’ve just celebrated my fourth anniversary with my loving husband and more to come. And yes, I believe if we all ever sat down together again, we all might agree: the road has not been easy. It all started out with all those unimportant fights about putting the things back to their proper places at home, about why you haven’t had the time to prepare his meals when it’s already dinner time, when he forgot to buy you presents or flowers on your birthday or anniversary, until something a bit more complicated: how he doesn’t agree with what your father thinks or you don’t agree with your mother-in-law, yet you just need to remain silent until some day everything mounted and you finally burst out.

Unfortunately, things you always think as small that you might overlook are eventually as huge as an iceberg without you even realizing it. Until you might even look back to “that day” and think: I wish I knew what I was getting into. I just found my iceberg few days ago and I felt my marriage ship was sinking after hitting one. I could do nothing but praying together with my husband. We did nothing, we knew nothing, we just prayed. Do you believe in miracle? I do. Just by praying, all our cold hearts were being warmed, our hard minds were softened, our shut ears were opened so we could listen more. We just surrendered and we could see the problems through God’s eyes, and love our spouse with God’s love. Now, I love my husband even more than ever before, I even feel like I’m falling in love all over again with him.

The road will still not be easy I know, but every time we feel like our ship is sinking, we will put our hands and hearts together and pray. Our happy marriage is just a prayer away.



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