Pretty and Proper with Copper



Forget about silver or gold because copper is now the go to color for weddings. You can fit them into any styles of wedding because while polished copper can fit into glamorous types of celebration, matte accents can be perfect for that rustic or vintage feel.

Copper complements just about any color. Here are some of our favorite ways to embrace copper into your wedding.

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When it comes to the invitations, thank you notes, escort cards and beyond, you can use coppered wax seals. It’s all about playing things up in the small details. You can have it monogrammed with you and your partner’s initials. How romantic! Explore copper wedding invitations and let the colors do its magic.

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You can never go wrong with simple copper vases for your centerpieces. Place beautiful flowers inside of them, and voila, it can create a very simple yet cool look that is very trendy. Don’t forget to place candlelight/lanterns beside them as it will add a lot of warmth to the tables.

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A wood background standing against a copper foil as table numbers is a simple yet interesting way to showcase where each guests will be seated.

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Have you ever thought about using copper accents into the tableware? This will be a unique take on the generic plates, glasses so instead you can have copper mugs, spoons and etc.

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For the wedding cake itself, copper accents can be combined through copper foils. It will definitely be a show stopper for its uniqueness.

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Not sure what to give as wedding favors? What about personalized copper mugs for your guests. It will surely be a memorable gift for them to remember your big night.

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Will you be including these copper accents into your celebration? Don’t even think twice about it because it’s super cool and definitely very in style.

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Incorporating copper accents will no doubt play a big role in “warming” up the night with its rich palate. If you take on this décor, it will surely be nothing short of a romantic and beautiful wedding.


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