The exit for the new beginning

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A perfect wedding ceremony must be every couple’s dream; either it’s a private one, only with their close family and friends gather around, or a big one, with every relative they know to share their joy and happiness on their special day. I sometimes capture how my wedding day would be like. It would be not a really big one, or probably just a small ceremony, and there will be only close family and friends. 

I imagine how my spouse and I enter the chapel, decorated by red and white roses. I imagine how we say our wedding vows, how every word put meaning to how we’re devoted to each other. I also capture us exchanging rings as our promise to be with each other no under any circumstances. And the moment we’re pronounced as husband and wife should be the most unforgettable part of the ceremony. Is that it? No. As for me, the moment my husband and I, the newlyweds walking down the aisle back to the door is one of the most important part of the wedding. It should be mesmerizing!

Every part of wedding ceremony is important, yet sometimes people take the exit for granted. Sometimes, the moment when the newlyweds are finally pronounced as husband and wife is taken as the final part, and that’s it. But for me, the exit is also one of the most special moments from the ceremony. It’s when the newly pronounced husband and wife walk back to the door with a new life, a new beginning. As they are entering the door, they are actually leaving their life as a single person. The wedding’s exit means they are finally entering a new phase of life as one. The wedding’s exit means responsibility; the couple’s vow that they’re about to do in their marriage life. From the devotion to the provision; from every promise to every act and love they will share in their marriage life. As huge as it means, the wedding exit should be as epic as the entry, or more.

So how would you imagine your wedding exit?

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