Dreams of Fairies and Angels

Every girl once dreamed of fairies, butterflies, castles, angels, and prince charming. As the story books were told, their minds wandered to a secret place far away, only seen through the innocent eyes of little girls. At her wedding, Christina took us away to her lands of fairy tales, where she met her prince charming Nico as we wish them a happily ever after beginning. Continue reading


A Lake And A Fairy Boat

A lake and a fairy boat

To sail in the moonlight clear,

And merrily we would float

From the dragons that watch us here! Continue reading


The Tuscan Dreams

Imagine a place where the sun shines brighter and warmer, with rivers flowing along the country-sides and meadows full of blooming sun flowers. What a perfect setting for a wedding. There, at your

backyard, you finally stood before God with the love of your life you’d been praying for long. As you finally kissed, the Tuscan sun set down and all the star lights lid up. And then you said to yourself, if it’s a dream then don’t wake me up yet. For Iwan and Nita, they finally woke up only to find that they’re living their dreams. Continue reading