A Rocking Wedding


Photo source : pinterest.com

If you are ready to “rock” your wedding with an agate and geode décor, then you are in luck. Incorporating agates and geodes to your big night can be extremely fun. Both of them are essentially a form of rock/stone, with agates having unique patterns with both vibrant and soft colors on them while geodes are rocks with sparkling crystals on the inside.

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Paris, J’Adore



Have you ever heard someone who is about to get married or who has gotten married say that they do not know more than half of the guests in their wedding? Usually this is because the parents have taken most of the invitation quota to invite their friends. Continue reading


Bali and Rustic


Bali has been the go-to-place for weddings for many people around the world; it is no longer just a honeymoon destination. It has seen Indian weddings, Western weddings, and traditional weddings (many of which we helped to decorate). Continue reading


Bright Batik


The Indonesian culture is very distinctive and produces some of the most amazing art. One that is recognized by the UN as being uniquely Indonesian is of course Batik. Continue reading


French Castles & Indian Garlands


Oops! We did it again! Another Indian wedding, another fun. Grishma and Anil tied the knot in Ayana, Bali. The theme for this wedding is a mixture of French and Indian. We had to make sure that the two could be used together nicely. Continue reading

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