Crafty with Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding originating from Japan. It is known and practiced all over the world. The shapes and sculptures that can be made with origami is practically endless as people come up with new designs every time. Did you know that origami has also been used in weddings? Continue reading


Oh So Classy!

Black and white color combinations are the most timeless, elegant and always in style. But what about when used in wedding? These two together for a wedding could give you one classy party. There are so many ways to incorporate black and white in weddings. Continue reading


10 Wedding Ceremony Details That are Easily Overlooked

These items probably are not major items for wedding like your dress or your venue. But when you’re thinking of a memorable wedding ceremony, especially with a “wedding brain” (when a bride/groom becomes very forgetful), don’t forget to think about these essentials. Continue reading


Be Our Guest

The story of Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in so many girls’ hearts, especially those who grew up in the 90s. It’s a tale as told as time, but with the release of its live-action movie, many brides are inspired to make Beauty and the Beast as their wedding theme.   Continue reading


Embrace with Lace

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If you’re looking into styling your wedding this year, you might want to consider going with lace. Lace is very feminine, romantic, and easily fit to any color palette. Here are some ways to add lace to your wedding. Continue reading

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