My Love for You is A Journey

People say that “falling in love is easy, but staying in love is a greater deal.” Living a happy long marriage life could be every couple’s wish. Thus, a wedding anniversary is something to be grateful for; something that is worth a celebration. Not only does it remind of long a couple has been through the journey of love and life together, but also it reminds of how the journey still continues, till the death do them apart. Taking place at their own residence at Sailendra Apartment, Mr Chandru and Sangeeta Topandasani celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary; the 25 years of happiness and sorrow, and we wish nothing but the best for both of them!

The celebration was sacred and special. Decorated with gold and the ambiance of purple, the room was set to be comfortable yet warm for everyone who attended. Fresh flowers were everywhere, decorating every detail and made the day much more special.


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