That Splendid Night

Having a discussion involving what the newlyweds want for their wedding day is so important. Some couples want some specific themes for their wedding, just like Dheeraj and Shareen. This gorgeous couple had a specific wish for their wedding celebration: Roman themed wedding. It was surely a challenge for us to bring such Roman ambiance to a wedding celebration, yet helping them making their dream come true was such a pleasure for us. Taking place at Four Seasons Ballroom, Jakarta, we tried our best to create a splendid Roman themed wedding for Dheeraj and Shareen.

For Dheeraj and Shareen’s wedding, gorgeous and glam were the words, and we believe nothing can beat the gorgeousness of the combination of gold champagne and purple. The colors fit the theme perfectly. Working on a themed wedding is also about paying attention to the details. From the pillars and carvings to the bride and groom’s silhouettes, we didn’t want to miss any detail. We gave nothing but the best to create not only an unforgettable night, but also a splendid night for Dheeraj and Shareen.


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