Pretty blooms in a (Mini) Garden

A wedding is always about a celebration of love, the day when we dedicate ourselves to be all romantic. And when it comes to romance, nothing can express it more than flowers. Those pretty blooms will transform your wedding venue into an unforgettable lush and romantic site, as well as lending visual magic to the day of your life. Mini garden is one of the wedding areas that need special attention and treatment because it supports the grand decor of the pelaminan, or center stage, the main focal point of the wedding venue.



When it comes to deciding what flowers to display in your mini garden, think about what would reflect your personal style. It doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your budget and sanity to have the best flowers, because there are hundreds of flowers to choose from, and arrange to be as pretty as you want it.



Fresh flowers are always a good idea to start with. They please the eyes, and enhance the ambiance with scents. You might want to think about the scents too though, because some flowers, such as roses and lilies, have quite strong floral scents, and you might not want them to be overpower the room. It’s great to consider all of your senses when designing your mini garden. Add more greenery to make your mini garden more lush without adding much expense.



Alternatively, you can use artificial flowers. It’s a smart bride solution since fresh flowers aren’t always the most practical. You can still get the stunning decor without worrying about that may fade or wilt even before the wedding begins. Using artificial flowers in your wedding décor doesn’t mean that you create a fake plastic ambiance. Choose the right, high-quality ones and put a small amount of fresh flowers here and there to evoke more senses and you will get a budget-friendly-and-still-pretty mini garden for your wedding day.



So, how will the mini garden in your wedding look like?





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