La silhouette de l’amour

Long before Ninoy and Junita met us, they already had some wishes for their dream wedding day. They loved silhouettes and wanted their special day to be decorated specifically with silhouettes. Also, fuchsia and cyan were the colors of the day; ones they chose to color their day. It was our pleasure to help this lovely couple make their dreams come true. So here it was; the silhouettes and sweet charming fuchsia and cyan were the beautiful combination of Ninoy and Junita’s wedding day.

This couple also had another special request. They wanted more rose balls, and addition of these rose balls to the decoration effortlessly added more sweetness to the decoration. To grant Ninoy and Junita’s wishes, the silhouettes could be found from the foyer to main stage, in a lovely fuchsia color. How could be any sweeter than that?


One thought on “La silhouette de l’amour

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