Bring on the roaring ‘20s!


Everyone must have either heard of, read and/or seen The Great Gatsby. For those that have seen the remake of the movie, you can probably agree that it is aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn’t it be great if a wedding is styled based on the movie? Now that’s something interesting!   Continue reading


Exude a Romantic and Dramatic Ambience


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Have you ever thought about incorporating a Twilight theme into the wedding of your dreams? Not literally in the form of fangs and werewolves though. But moulding a venue to look similar to the wedding scene in Twilight. But, err sorry we can’t invite Edward Cullen though. Continue reading


Long vs Round Table

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Do you see yourself as a classic woman or a modern gal? It could be the deciding factor  on which type of table you choose for your wedding reception. You could go with the timeless round table that can’t do any wrong. Or you could go with the contemporary feel of the long table. All of this of course depends on your own taste, vision and budget. If you’re confused, let’s start with weighing in the pros and cons of using these tables.   Continue reading


Uniquely Hippie


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If you can picture you and your partner performing the ‘first-dance’ as a wedded couple in a venue filled with hanging lights and all things nature, then you may want to consider a Bohemian themed wedding. Continue reading


Destination Wedding 101


Imagine being able to have a wedding whilst travelling. It’s like opening two locks with one key. Which is exactly what a destination wedding entails. Although let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t have too much time playing tourist until your wedding day is over. Going to a foreign city to get married may seem intimidating at first. However, if it is planned and executed well, it can turn out to be super fun, sensational and unforgettable.

Continue reading

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