Butterfly Event Styling

Beautiful Forest

Sometimes in life things don’t always go as planned. You may have organized everything down to a tee, but in the end there is nothing else to do but accept and move on.

Andreas and Jessika initially had planned to be married on November 4th, but there was a big protest in the city, so they had no choice but to reschedule their wedding three weeks later for the sake of everyone’s safety. When they told us, we were supportive and understood the situation. In fact, we promised ourselves that we would give Andreas and Jessika a wonderful fairy tale wedding venue, because they deserved no less.

The theme for their wedding is rustic green. As you can see we converted an indoor ballroom into a forest. All the flowers were white and were everywhere you look. It had a similar feeling to Bella and Edward’s wedding in the Twilight series. There were flowers and leaves cascading from above, the smell was definitely fragrant. We had never used so many flowers in a wedding.

Of course the rustic element is the perfect combination with all of these green leaves, because what is a forest without wood? So we used tree stumps, wooden crates, wooden barrels, and brown table cloths. There were two things that were most special as they truly emphasized the forest atmosphere: a big tree and a reindeer statue.

We just wanted to make Andreas and Jessika forget about the stressful events leading up to their big day as soon as they walked in. We wished for them to enjoy their big day with their family and friends in a place that was separated from the outside world. So what do you think? Does it look like a beautiful forest? Do you think Bambi would approve?