Grecian White

ECA_0069Some love stories are a match made in heaven. It could be said that David and Adelia are one of those couples who are blessed by the gods. They started out as friends and ended up as husband and wife. David is a family-man type, while Adelia is passionate. They can talk for hours about each other’s dreams, which unify them in building a future together. The best of all is they accept and love one another for who they are. As the saying goes, they fit each other like a glove.

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Greece is well known for its gods and goddesses. Flying Bride, the wedding conceptor, came up with this Grecian theme for David and Adelia’s wedding and it was such a pleasure to had a chance to work together with Nastassya for this event. It was held in Conrad, Bali starting with the holy matrimony in the chapel with an all white colour scheme. The place is decorated with Greek flower pots and furnished with champagne coloured napoleon chairs.

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The reception dinner is also Greek-inspired, so we made an arched roof with pillars just like the ones in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia in Greece. In ancient Greece, Zeus was respected as the chief of the gods. We placed the bridal table in front of it covered in pink cloth and pink roses to make it the center of attention, while the guest tables are dominated in white colour. There are flower vases with tear-shaped crystals hanging down, fairy lights covering the entire place, and Greek pillars surrounding the area.

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David said that he felt like the luckiest man alive on his wedding day because he married his best friend. Adelia was excited to take on the world with an incredible man by her side. We have no doubt that the gods were smiling down upon them that day; two of god’s beautiful children showing the world what love is.


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