Things You Need to Know About Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony is a sacred ritual and the most important part of the wedding. It is a great moment to speak couple’s values and characters but there are things you need to know about wedding ceremony so you could put it all together a great ceremony to remember.

1. Ceremony is THE important part

It’s when two becomes one, it’s the creation of a legal union. Your amazing, lifelong adventure as a couple starts here. So, make sure that nothing is important than this ceremony. Your ceremony speaks a lot on how much you care about this important event.

2. Unique but respectful

The marriage ceremony is rich with traditions no matter what traditions you’re using. Because of that, you need to balance your desire to express your uniqueness with the common ground of tradition.

3. Know the great spots

When it comes to decorating your wedding ceremony, you should be aware of how your wedding ceremony look like in frames. Entrance, aisle and altar are the places worth taking pictures of the bride and groom so you need to makes sure that those spots are well decorated.

4. Caught the emotions

The entire experience of wedding is fraught with emotion – joy, nervous, upset, and everything in between. Since you’re going to be in the frame with all the emotion, as well as your family, friends, and the entire guests, it is important to choose great photographers who is able to capture raw, beautiful, genuine, sweet, and intense emotions

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