Remarkable Marquee

So you might be on the journey of wedding planning and are considering all of your options which includes having a marquee wedding. Or perhaps you are just a curious cat. Well we have a few tips on how to pick a marquee to cater to all of your needs.

Firstly, decide on the style you want your reception to be. There are so many types of marquees to choose from. Do you want to go traditional or maybe use giant tipis for an unconventional look? Also, think about where you want your wedding to be held because some places aren’t able to hold traditional marquees such as courtyards. In which case you might need a frame marquee.

Next, marquees usually come with high ceilings. So that means you want to think about how to create drama and utilize the height. This could mean playing around with low and high displays. Make use of the ceilings by using hanging decorations which will really help to draw the eye upwards.

Have fun with the lighting because that will create a lot of warmth for you and your guests in general. Fairy lights can be your best friend in this case. You can place them on pathways for instance. Another tip is to place tea lights in jars and hang them from tree branches to create a very romantic atmosphere on the outside of the marquee.

When it comes to marquees, guests only have one big space to linger around unlike traditional venues where they go from room to room. So you will want to create interactive stations to keep things entertaining. This could include a bar, food, guestbook, photo booth station.

Just keep in mind that it may not be as simple as it looks. Marquee weddings can be quite tricky because you will literally be building and planning everything from scratch. But that can be an awesome thing because when done right, it will be worth it. It will customized and be everything you have ever dreamt of.