9 Ways to Make a Small Venue Look Bigger

Everyone loves having a huge wedding space at their disposal. Bigger venues are easier to manage than small ones. There are more possibilities to make such as more tables for the guests, a dance floor, a performance stage, food banquet, a photo booth, and many more. However, sometimes we have to make do with a smaller room due to the budget or high wedding season. The good news is there are many tricks to turn a small room into looking more spacious than it really is.

1. Choose the right seating plan

Arranging chairs and tables the right way can help with accommodating more guests or make the room appear bigger. Have long tables instead of round ones running from one end of the room to another.

2. Use natural lighting

Natural light can make a small venue look and feel big. If that is not possible, avoid dim lights as it will do the opposite.

3. Take out unnecessary furniture

Declutter your space by only using what is functional. Excess furniture will create a jam-packed impression.

4. Place mirrors

Mirrors are great to create an illusion of bigger space. Place them on large walls to make it seem like the room is double in size.

5. Use narrower furniture or Ghost chairs

Chairs with high backs block guest’s view unlike simple ones. How about using transparent chairs or Ghost chairs, which can make an area look larger?

6. Pick simple and light hues

Bright colours make rooms appear bigger while dark ones shrink the room. Basic tones like pastels, white (plus one colour), and soft pantones are recommended. Don’t mix too many colours, especially dark ones like purple and navy blue.

7. Do not use hanging props

Unless the venue has a high ceiling, avoid hanging lamps or other items from it. The higher the ceiling, the bigger the space will seem.

8. Decorate simply

Keep the decoration minimal and simple instead of cluttering the room with props here and there. Create one installation or artwork that will draw the attention of your guests.

9. Keep table centerpieces low
Use small jars or short candles on the tables. If you want to put flowers, cut the long stem and arrange them in small pots or glasses. Tall centerpieces block the view and can make the ceiling appear low.


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