Romantic and Futuristic

We’re so honored to be a part of Kunal and Bindia’s two important events: engagement party and wedding ceremony. Thus we wanted them to be able to feel different atmospheres from the two events.

For the engagement party, we created a mysterious hallway where table chandeliers will guide you through to a place of romance filled with love. Once you reach the end, you will see photographs of a man and a woman in love. All the candles you see represent their burning passion for each other. Once you step over into the next room, you will arrive at a place where warm colours are used to create the right atmosphere. It was simple with design using bouquets centerpieces and candles.

The wedding ceremony was even more special because the couple specifically asked for a futuristic wedding ceremony, and we knew just what to do.

Inspired by Daft Punk’s music video Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, we created the venue with hexagons as the main shape for the entrance and stage backdrop. We outlined them with blue neon lights. One of the hexagons on stage acted as a monitor where people could watch videos or what was happening on stage.

This time it felt like we travelled in two different eras; one was classical and romantic, the other was modern and futuristic. We hope, just like the themes of their wedding, Kunal and Bindia’s marriage will last through times.


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