Just Married

The first year of marriage can be the sweetest and happiest year of your life. But it can also be one of your weirdest year too.  There’s so much need for adjustment within the first twelve months of your married life.

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Anger Management

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t marry someone if you haven’t seen them with a slow internet connection. Ha! It’s weird, we know. But isn’t the accuracy uncanny? Slow internet connection can indeed awaken the Mr. Hyde in all of us.  Continue reading


Marry someone who…

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Dinner for two?

You know what romantic holiday is coming up? Oh, don’t tell us you haven’t noticed! That’s right, the global celebration of love, also more affectionately known as Valentine’s Day, is coming up. In less than a month.  Continue reading


Questions you need to ask before saying “I Do”

Is he the one? Is he Mr. Right or is he Mr. Right Now? We often hear of people wondering if they’re doing the right thing when deciding to marry someone. There’s never any right or wrong answers to that. Continue reading

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