Classic Royale

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Some people think that the holy matrimony and the wedding reception must be on the same day. Perhaps it is true for a long time ago, but times have changed and with it our lifestyle. Although sticking to traditions is important, we can still adjust them to our modern life. Just like our couple, Marthin and Rita, who had their wedding ceremonies on different dates. They had their holy matrimony some time ago because the groom had a busy schedule.

Their wedding reception was in Aurora Mansion in Sentul. They rented a mansion that had a classical design with lots of carvings and big pillars. When a venue that is chosen for a wedding already has its own character, it is best to choose a suitable theme or simply just let the venue do its job. If you want to create your own theme, then it is best to choose a neutral place.

Therefore, with royal emblems on the windows, carved pillars, chandeliers, and marble flooring, Marthin and Rita’s wedding theme was all set. The only missing element was the flowers. The bride loves flowers, so we made sure to have lots of them. We adorned the pillars with spiraling flowers, we placed floating flower bouquets in the pool, and we made a flower archway, not to mention flower arrangements on the tables.

There were tents put up outdoors, so we were able to utilize all the space. The fabric of course matched the colours of the flowers. Overall, it was a simple decoration, but due to the magnificent venue, it looked absolutely grand.

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