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Peonies vs David Austin Roses

Photo Source: davidaustin.com

Who doesn’t love peonies? These beautiful blooms have created a household name for themselves as one of the most perfect flowers for weddings. With their lush, full, and rounded blooms, peonies embody romance and prosperity.

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They symbolize good fortune and a happy marriage, and are also known as the flower of riches and honor. Every bride wants to have peonies at their wedding, not only because they are beautiful, but they also carry a deep meaning for a lifetime of married bliss, making peonies one of the most popular wedding flowers today.

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Let us tell you a little something about peonies. There are more than five hundred kinds of peonies and the two major producers of them can be found right here in Asia. While these flowers are so pretty that you cannot imagine not having them at your own wedding, the appreciation for these beautiful blooms will come with a price. A high one too.

Because these flowers don’t bloom all around the year and they are relatively short-lived, having a productive season only in the spring. Even if you find someone who can make sure that these sweet flowers be present at your wedding day, even when they’re off season, the prices you’d have to pay to get them there would double – even triple sometimes.


 Photo Source: flowerona.com

If you’re loving peonies and are feeling just slightly bummed about what we just told you, please let us also share with you a little secret; one that is so exciting, it is not so well kept. There is a pretty substitute to the increasingly rare and pricey peonies: David Austin Roses. These very fragrant blooms are often mistaken for the peony, although it’s bloom is noticeably smaller than that of the Peony. And they are available all year round, which makes David Austin Roses the perfect choice for wedding flowers.

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Each stem of the David Austin rose has its own unique personality, and fragrance is an elusive characteristic. Just a few stems of these beautiful cut roses can light up an entire room, and they can make the room smell amazing too! Not only that – another thing that we love about David Austin Roses are the petals that, when opened up, reveal a beautifully ruffled center.

If you’re still loving on peonies and that they are not in season by the time you want to say you “I do”s, may we suggest you to take a look at these David Austin Roses? Who knows you might just fall in love with these beautiful petals just as much as we have.