Butterfly Event Styling


Hearing ‘retro’ should immediately bring you to a place of vibrancy, energy and excitement. Now imagine that scene coming to reality with a retro-themed wedding. There is a certain charm about an old fashioned style of wedding that dates back to the 1950s.

Most wedding receptions in Indonesia seem to have a generic style. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a zestful and bold wedding for you and your loved ones? Something that is different amongst the rest? With a playful and whimsical ambience, a retro themed wedding will create hype and leave all your guests talking for weeks.

There are countless of things you can do to achieve this theme. Everything about the wedding should be loud and colorful. The first thing is to plan your wedding invitations. It’s the perfect way to give your guests a glimpse of what’s to come at your wedding. Perhaps you can look into having the wedding at a beautiful outdoor area. But if you don’t wish to take a gamble with the unpredictable weather, you could also have it indoors.

You can really play around with the décor of the venue. Flavor it up with all things glitter, extend the theme from the table ornaments through to dinnerware. Not to forget you can also have a lot of fun placing bits and pieces of furnishing around from that era such as old school vinyl, TV and signage. Also, you could have a lot of fun playing dress up with your bridesmaids too in retro designs.


This theme is about creating a fun atmosphere. Whatever you decide, think bold colors and fun energy all the way. Go ahead and plan that cool and retro wedding of yours using colorful, polka dotted and sparkly design. A retro theme is the ideal design for you and your guests to laugh and boogie the night away to.