After Party? Yay or Nay?

NOZ2209We all know that some wedding receptions are not really parties for the bride and groom. They are more like a parties for the parents where guests are self-conscious, and almost quite awkward. The décor might be too pretty, the music might be too dainty, and dance moves, limited. On the other hand, you’ve got crazy friends who have been there with you through this whole wedding planning journey and who are expecting a more fun party? Does an after party sound like a good idea?  Continue reading


Sweets for your Sweet Moment

 source: weddingchicks

You can never have too many sweets, especially on a special occasion like your wedding day. Sharing your happiness through a selection of desserts and display them beautifully in a dedicated table, which nowadays called as a dessert table, is such a sweet gesture to show how much you appreciate your guests. So, where to start? Continue reading


New Year’s Resolution For Love

The year 2014 is coming to an end. How are you making it count? Have you started to vision what will be in store for you in 2015?  Continue reading

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