From Enchanting Rituals to Fun Celebrations


Never a dull moment at any Indian wedding since they tend to have a series of celebration with different themes and cheerfulness. As well as with this couple, Shabad and Naeha. They had 6 different celebrations in a row and we just can’t wait to reveal every bit of it with you! Continue reading


4 Common Wedding-Color Palette Mistakes to Avoid


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When planning a wedding decoration, often we found many couples don’t realize that choosing their wedding colors is an incredibly important decision and should be made as early as possible in the wedding planning process. The colors are going to incorporate and create a total look of your big day, so you need to choose your colors and treat them very carefully. If you’re still clueless about choosing colors, follow our steps!

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Beautiful Bridal Blooms


At first thought, flowers might not be a couple’s first concern. But on second thought, it should be!  Continue reading


Four Seasons of Love

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The journey of one season moving to another is always beautiful; waiting for the snow to melt, for the leaves start blossoming and for the flowers to start singing. Dinesh and Timsy’s wedding was nothing short of magical using colors of the four seasons as the main point of their decoration. Continue reading


Whimsical Wonderland


Are you ready to go down to the rabbit hole and have a cup of tea with Mad Hatter? Just follow the rabbit with the pocket watch! Continue reading