Five Trending Wedding Colors


Discovering colors for your wedding is important. If you’re getting married in 2017, you probably need to look through these trending wedding color palettes and find the combinations that reflect your style and personality best. Continue reading


Three Blissful Days


Nikki and Arvind had a three-day long wedding gala to celebrate their union of love. It was nothing short of spectacular and we loved helping them execute the wedding of their dreams into a reality. They wanted it to be split into three days so that they can it would not be too overwhelming and that they can properly enjoy each part of their journey to tying the knot. Continue reading


Partner up!


New Year is a time to reflect on ourselves: what we have achieved, what we haven’t, what we need to do in the future. This year, why don’t you create a new year’s resolution with your partner? Continue reading


Wintry Woodland


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Nothing says wintry woodland better than the long needles of pine tree. If you’re planning on having a winter wedding with a glimpse of woodland look, pine tree is great for pretty details. Continue reading


A Rocking Wedding


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If you are ready to “rock” your wedding with an agate and geode décor, then you are in luck. Incorporating agates and geodes to your big night can be extremely fun. Both of them are essentially a form of rock/stone, with agates having unique patterns with both vibrant and soft colors on them while geodes are rocks with sparkling crystals on the inside.

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