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Have you ever heard someone who is about to get married or who has gotten married say that they do not know more than half of the guests in their wedding? Usually this is because the parents have taken most of the invitation quota to invite their friends. Continue reading


Do Not Take Your Spouse For Granted


When we have been with our partner for an X amount of time, often times we fall into the mistake of taking them for granted. It is not a rare thing to treat our partners differently after the honeymoon period is gone. The little things our partner did when we were just in the beginning phase of dating seemed super duper cute and always exciting. However, as time passes by, most of the little things our partners used to do, which we found to be special gestures are often now seen as ordinary.

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Chillax Area for Your Guests?


Wedding is a common occasion for people to catch up with their friends and family. But some weddings are either too loud or too crowded with people, making it quite impossible to have a really good conversation with each other. Especially with elder guests who might need a break from the noise and just sit back and relax in a nice comfortable sofa.  Continue reading


Show your guest some love


Thinking about adding some personal touches to your wedding? Really want to show a warm gesture to your guests but still got no idea about it? Let us share some thoughtful ideas you could do on your wedding day. From the very simplest thing to a more elevated way to show how grateful you are to have your guests share your very special day.  Continue reading


Love & Light


Creating long-lasting memories for your friends and family at your wedding reception is essential. After all, you want to create an amazing atmosphere for them with a few hours of fun and hoorah. No offense, but haven’t we all been to those weddings that didn’t leave much of an impression? Continue reading