Less Could Be More


Flowers mostly considered as the main decorative element when it comes to style a wedding. Flowers are not only adding colors but also transforming the venue into an incredibly pretty space. Flowers are perfect to create the romantic atmosphere, the pretty blooms swoon everyone. Continue reading


Enchanted Forest


Bagus and Cherry came to us with a theme already in mind. In that very first meeting, we knew the couple wanted an enchanted forest. They really didn’t fancy the normal wedding décor found in most weddings such as with pastel or soft colours. In fact they wanted everything in purple. So we minimized the use of sweet colours with a lot of greenery with a rustic touch. Continue reading


Kid’s Corner at Your Wedding


Photo Source : Pinterest.com

If your guest list includes young children, you probably need to consider creating a dedicated space for them so that they can enjoy the party without interrupting their parents much. You need to understand first that naturally kids have very short attention spans, they get bored easily. Things might get worst when kids feel bored, hungry, tired and sleepy. Mix them together and expect some major meltdowns! Continue reading


Shining, Shimmering, Splendid


Photo Source : Dreampartydecor.com

Let’s queue in the Aladdin theme song “A Whole New World” for this one. This is what stepping into an Arabian themed wedding could be like for you and your guests if you decide on it. Letting them step into an entirely different world and forgetting where they are in reality for the night. If you wish to create a wedding reception that will stand out, then an Arabian wedding is ideal for you and your partner. Continue reading




Hearing ‘retro’ should immediately bring you to a place of vibrancy, energy and excitement. Now imagine that scene coming to reality with a retro-themed wedding. There is a certain charm about an old fashioned style of wedding that dates back to the 1950s.

Continue reading