Fantastic Festivity


If anyone knows how to throw a party, it’s the Indians. The Indian culture is very colorful and festive; there are lots of dancing, laughter, and celebration. If you don’t believe us, check out Bollywood movies. So of course when it comes to weddings, which is one of the most important events in life, they will not hesitate to have it big. Continue reading


Destination Destiny


Every couple who is about to get married entertains the idea of having a destination wedding. There are plenty of reasons for this such as the intimacy, because of the limited number of guests; quality time with loved ones in a beautiful place; the early honeymoon (because you are already there!); and bragging rights! That’s right. Not many people get the opportunity to wed outside of their hometown.  Continue reading


Autumn Garden with A Twist


When a couple wants to bring autumn garden with a touch of vintage and rustic feel into their wedding day, we thought “why not?”. Continue reading


Chic Chinoiserie


Answer this: what should be the “WOW” factor in a wedding? The venue, you say? Nope. Did somebody say the decoration? Uh-uh. If you answer the bride and groom, then you are correct! Continue reading


Stunning, Romantic, Whimsical.


The great thing about having an outdoor wedding is we can let nature do all the work when it comes to making the wedding beautiful; whether it is in a garden or at the beach. Each place has its own characteristics, so the décor shouldn’t over power the natural beauty. Besides, the reason why we have an outdoor wedding in the first place is because of the loveliness of the landscape. Continue reading