Magical Garden


Many of our clients know that Butterfly is in the business of making wedding dreams into reality. Whatever your wishes, we will always strive to do our best. So far, there has not been any impossible request when it comes to wedding decoration; Continue reading


Celebrating Love in Romantic and Elegant


They were two complete strangers. The girl, Citra, was quiet, calm and cute, and the boy, Ben, was opinionated. They met, fell in love and then realized that they ready to jump in and commit to a relationship. Continue reading


Solve problems beforehand


Life will always give us challenges that we need to overcome in order to grow and be better. What defines a healthy relationship isn’t whether or not there are problems but it is whether or not you both have the ability to overcome those problems together. Continue reading


Beautiful & Magical


Sometimes couples want to have an outdoor wedding, but due to certain reason they can’t. So, it is up to wedding decorators like us to transform a wedding hall into something that resembles the couple’s requests. We recently turned the ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta into an indoor garden for Okky and Ashley’s wedding. Continue reading


White Wedding


White has been the main colour for weddings lately. It is usually added with one or two complementary shades. The good thing about white is that it can be mixed with any hue in the world. Continue reading